The value in mathematics – How do we learn?

30 September – 27 November 2016
Badischer Kunstverein

with Luca Frei & Will Holder

Badischer Kunstverein is delighted to present The value in mathematics — How do we learn?, an exhibition by the artist Falke Pisano showing her new series of works in Germany for the first time. In addition to a new lm produced for Badischer Kunstverein, the show will include a sculptural intervention by the Swiss artist Luca Frei, a series of readings by the British typographer Will Holder as well as a programme of talks about accountability in artistic practice, modes of learning and the challenge of multiplicity.

Falke Pisano is known for her long-term projects, which she conceives as organised fields of research, production, and re ection. Her installations explore the status of knowledge and learning programmes with the aid of diagrammatic structures and abstract sculptural forms.

In her latest series of works, The value in mathematics, Pisano examines the often overlooked relationship between culture and mathematics. Through sculptures, texts, diagrams, and videos, she investigates how Western cultural values, such as progress, rationality, and universality, have in uenced the way we have come to think about mathematics. While some of the works in the exhibition question the past and present position of ‘advanced mathematics’, others investigate the possibility of the existence of multiple forms of mathematics. The value in mathematics is divided in ten parts, each of which consists of a text panel and a visual component, most of them sculptural. While some objects refer to thought, others refer to acts of production, exchange, measuring, calculating, and navigating and question how methods and practices vary in different contexts.

In her new film Wonder Lands in Loxbridge (2016) Pisano turns to a specific European episode in the history of ‘advanced mathematics’, With the help of various texts, such as Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Lectures on the Foundations of Mathematics (1939), the film explores the different reactions to sense and non-sense in an era when the limits and possibilities of mathematics came under scrutiny.

As a whole The value in mathematics — How do we learn? leads us in steps along the thought process of the artist, who sets out to nd an answer to the question “Do there exist multiple mathematics?” and discovers along the way the importance of examining one’s inherited framework of thought.

Following the exhibition a comprehensive publication will be published in cooperation with The Gallery at REDCAT in Los Angeles/USA and the Contemporary Art Center — La Synagogue de Delme in Delme/France.

Curated by Anja Casser


… for single mothers
With work by Simon Amstell, Kathleen Crown, Helen DeWitt, Silvia Federici, Susan Hiller, Bernadette Mayer, Adam Pendleton, Suely Rolnik, Miss Tony amongst others.
Reproduced orally over three nights by Will Holder (typographer, Glasgow)
Wed-Fri, 9-11 November, 7pm

Partial Connections
Falke Pisano in one-on-one conversations with:

Thursday, 24 November
6pm Sohrab Mohebbi (curator and author, Los Angeles): On accountability

7.30pm: Jean Matthee (artist, London): On multiplicity

Friday,25 November
6pm: Luca Frei (artist, Malmö): On learning
7.30pm: Karen François (professor of philosophy, Brussels): On ethnomathematics

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